The Scattershot! New Town Hall 13 Defense (Clash of Clans Town Hall 13)

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Clash of Clans

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Is it a catapult or a trebuchet? Nay, it is neither and superior to both. The Scattershot is a brand new defense at Town Hall 13 and will be an interesting thorn in the side of the Bat Spell. Able to target both ground and air attacks, the Scattershot will fling its projectile of loosely-tied rocks at its target. However, upon impact the bundle will break apart causing additional damage in a cone-shaped blast to the units behind the initial target.

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Loobis 13 घंटे पहले
That music tho
EVIL PLAYS दिन पहले
PH MC Gamer
PH MC Gamer 3 दिन पहले
Who uses barbs in th13 (apart from bk spawned barbs)
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips दिन पहले
I think ur mom does
TheSpaghet 4 दिन पहले
Penny from brawlstars
Robert Barry
Robert Barry 4 दिन पहले
Me: wow nice weapon! *th13* Never mind
Alek 8 दिन पहले
Penny but cannon
Eishan Mohammed
Eishan Mohammed 10 दिन पहले
What's next floating walls
Damian Mijacz
Damian Mijacz 16 दिन पहले
Penny lost her legs
Kent Zyven
Kent Zyven 19 दिन पहले
Damn TH13 is almost a year now
luka super 3ka
luka super 3ka 19 दिन पहले
😯Mortar and Xbow were in the bed together...
Dark GAMER minecraft pe
Dark GAMER minecraft pe 21 दिन पहले
Who attack town hall 13 with gibawiz?
Cinema movies
Cinema movies 26 दिन पहले
Townhall and giga scattershot
Rahul Sain
Rahul Sain 29 दिन पहले
If u guyz add another th i am gonna uninstall
reaper gaming
reaper gaming 29 दिन पहले
When penny goes to clash of clans😂😂
Boris Radosavljević
Boris Radosavljević महीने पहले
A shrapnel catapult? Sold
Purushotham Kumar
Purushotham Kumar महीने पहले
Inspiration of bahubali movie 🤣🤣
Daffa_ Z_Khairiyanto
Daffa_ Z_Khairiyanto महीने पहले
2019 : Scattershot 2030 : Golemite thrower 2040 : Flamethrower 2044 : machine gun 2049 : wizard that summon meteors
Daffa_ Z_Khairiyanto
Daffa_ Z_Khairiyanto महीने पहले
Geez this Defense is so Dangerous
AlwaysOn Forever
AlwaysOn Forever महीने पहले
Looks like in 2030 townhall can walk around the base 🗿
Future Pizza9064
Future Pizza9064 महीने पहले
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson महीने पहले
Next update Planetary Shielding.
Thomson Pritchard-Torres
Thomson Pritchard-Torres 2 महीने पहले
Oh! The firecracker.... as a building.
SAURABH MISHRA 2 महीने पहले
next troop : Saitama
Aditya Kant Kushwaha
Aditya Kant Kushwaha 2 महीने पहले
Mortar- Male X-Bow- Female Result- Scattershot
ann Savior
ann Savior 2 महीने पहले
Back in my days we call those catapults. Things have changed...
Lil canary
Lil canary 2 महीने पहले
This just sounds like mortar with extra steps
Saaniya Maaz
Saaniya Maaz 2 महीने पहले
0:18 see the cannon
_Drew_Prime_ 2 महीने पहले
Music name please
ツZuʟғᴀнмιAzκᴀ 2 महीने पहले
Sometime on Supercell : hey, what happen if we combine Bowler and X Bow?
Amanda Vanatta
Amanda Vanatta 2 महीने पहले
0:20 did anyone notice the cannon is a different color than it should be
Kru11za 2 महीने पहले
scattershot* exists minions, wallbreaker, and archer: WHY R WE HERE... JUS TO SUFFER
Ajey nagar
Ajey nagar 2 महीने पहले
If lawda fek ke marunga had a face 🤣🤣
Ben C
Ben C 2 महीने पहले
whats next a hero that has a mini scattershot like how queen has a mini x bow
Cg Random
Cg Random 2 महीने पहले
TH 14 ability: you can place any defense (3x3 tile size) on the top of your town hall.
В_Jl_a_D_о_Z 2 महीने पहले
F I N L A N D 2 महीने पहले
Eagle artilery plus bowler equals
Simeon Liu
Simeon Liu 3 महीने पहले
Noel Johnson
Noel Johnson 3 महीने पहले
Lucas from stranger things: UH ITS NOT A CATAPULT
hi buddy
hi buddy 4 महीने पहले
Thats a bit op
JM Redulla
JM Redulla 4 महीने पहले
100%: My job is now finished
Ganga Bhandari
Ganga Bhandari 4 महीने पहले
It is ruining the farming fun 😔 its damage should be reduced
Kent Zyven
Kent Zyven 4 महीने पहले
This defense is really dirty lol
ツanimationsツanimtronic 4 महीने पहले
Plase make scot shot on town hole 8
Typical Plant
Typical Plant 4 महीने पहले
Very yes
Just some bush with internet access
Just some bush with internet access 4 महीने पहले
Who uses barabarian for ATTACKING???
gaming legion
gaming legion 4 महीने पहले
Omg tha's so op im glead im not toen hall 13
Zim 163
Zim 163 4 महीने पहले
Not the best. But definitely looks promising Can't try it because i am TH8 so lol
Javier Gonzalez-Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez-Gonzalez 5 महीने पहले
This looks too OP
Hasan Sakib
Hasan Sakib 5 महीने पहले
Its ok Coc we used this back in the beginning of 20th century in age of empires 😂
Aurimas Masaitis
Aurimas Masaitis 5 महीने पहले
Paskutinis gaidynas
Aurimas Masaitis
Aurimas Masaitis 5 महीने पहले
Paskutinis gaidynas levelius prideda bet nesutwarko heroju nei kariu aina kur papuola šaudo kas kur
Врямчик 5 महीने पहले
Ах, настальгия!
Junaid 5 महीने पहले
Who th uses barbarians in th13
Saravanan Sethuraman
Saravanan Sethuraman 5 महीने पहले
Pls send at least 400 or 500 geme
King Faye
King Faye 5 महीने पहले
It took you 9 Town halls to get a mortar that attacks air troops
Ninja Raid
Ninja Raid 5 महीने पहले
What kind of noob uses barbarian in th13?
RedCakes 5 महीने पहले
basically a mortar that attacks air but takes way longer to build
Greencheese 5 महीने पहले
So basiclly , Mortar that can target air.
Yusuf erdin Devrim
Yusuf erdin Devrim 16 घंटे पहले
no, it's a firecraker tower
Champagne davy
Champagne davy 20 दिन पहले
Its more of a wizard tower
X1 Alpha
X1 Alpha 4 महीने पहले
its besically an onager
Shem Paulus
Shem Paulus 5 महीने पहले
Not really, its called a scattershot for a reason tho
Dreazie Arkust
Dreazie Arkust 5 महीने पहले
But has cone range and only one type of troop at a time
BoN 5 महीने पहले
this is a mortar but combined with air defence
poiuytrewqlkjh gfdsamnbvcxz
poiuytrewqlkjh gfdsamnbvcxz 5 महीने पहले
Its like firecracker from CR but as a building
?????? 5 महीने पहले
Well there are only ground brawlers in brawl stars so penny may be able to shot air units
poiuytrewqlkjh gfdsamnbvcxz
poiuytrewqlkjh gfdsamnbvcxz 5 महीने पहले
@?????? But penny doesn't attack other brawlers in the air, does she?
?????? 5 महीने पहले
poiuytrewqlkjh gfdsamnbvcxz and firecracker was inspired by penny from Brawl Stars, so it’s really penny from brawl stars as a building
Not_WhiteShockX 6 महीने पहले
Petition to add a Ram rider troop that jumps walls and slows down buildings around it while the ram does its thing, Sign up now!
Roan House
Roan House 6 महीने पहले
The Great Wall 2017
GAMING DOOR 7 महीने पहले
We want global chat
F lorida
F lorida 7 महीने पहले
Chiến Nguyễn
Chiến Nguyễn 7 महीने पहले
TOP 10
TOP 10 7 महीने पहले
شباب اعملولو اشتراك ومردوده
Robots Unite
Robots Unite 7 महीने पहले
Fixed game ,don't listen to players anymore,legend league is RIGGED aswell .
Taner Bozkurt
Taner Bozkurt 8 महीने पहले
13 seviye belediye binası engellediniz bu hesabı alım Bir münasip yerinize sokarsınız
TeknoBest pc teknik
TeknoBest pc teknik 8 महीने पहले
Get the hell out of turkey unfair game Clash of Clans
Mr KaraN
Mr KaraN 8 महीने पहले
We need 5vs5 cwl
Heartswitch 8 महीने पहले
firecracker and penny:were we a joke to you
D2 Erupt
D2 Erupt 8 महीने पहले
Omg th 13 is here
TwitchTwitch187 8 महीने पहले
ah yes a new and improved mortar
leoncio martines lopez
leoncio martines lopez 8 महीने पहले
I ask you in the most attentive way, to modify the search for villages in the league. so that the same level of town hall can be attacked, regardless of the league in which it is located. Since the cups are useless, nothing is done with them. and being in league titan 1 it takes too long to find village, it makes no sense to reduce guard time. why many come down from the league, to find weaker villages, and that is nothing fair for the game. 💪
Rayne Ang
Rayne Ang 9 महीने पहले
When both clash royale and clash of clans copy penny
Leonardo Jimenezz
Leonardo Jimenezz 9 महीने पहले
don't forget clash-A-Rama
Jan Rovir Discher
Jan Rovir Discher 9 महीने पहले
I just realised that the scattershot deals splash damage that looks similar to Penny from Brawl Stars, this is the one of the 2 penny-like characters in the Clash of Clans Universe.
Pig Pig
Pig Pig 9 महीने पहले
When that thing is going to be at the top of the Town Hall
daniyal Sohail
daniyal Sohail 9 महीने पहले
make the troops stronger and less costy and you have make the defense so much hard so plz reduce it
Theodore Yang
Theodore Yang 9 महीने पहले
Mortar am I a joke to you?
Negarat Saiga
Negarat Saiga 9 महीने पहले
Its strong but its unfair defense
Joshadow 9 महीने पहले
firecracker from clash royale
Boom Bang! And More
Boom Bang! And More 9 महीने पहले
Scattershot:You can’t defeat me Me:I know, but he can Spells:*TIME TO DIE*
MrBinary 10 महीने पहले
*ah, yes the yeeter is here*
FlyMaster 10 महीने पहले
Hello, I am from Uzbekistan and I play clash of clans. Many of Uzbekitsan play this game and I would like for you to add the flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the next update. And not only for you to add flags of other countries. Please do this.
Kぽんず。 10 महीने पहले
midun towxis
midun towxis 10 महीने पहले
Clash of clans no good. 👎👎👎👎
_-Unknown -_
_-Unknown -_ 10 महीने पहले
Supercell: Scattershot _Watches Video_ So I know it's OP...but is there a level where the boulder actually *scatters?* Like tiny spikes or something
Benhacksmin 10 महीने पहले
Does attack with barbarians and giants on TH13?
hasan & qais
hasan & qais 10 महीने पहले
AeroDog 10 महीने पहले
New update made me super mad bc now I gotta re max crap When literally just a week before I became max
لؤي حسين
لؤي حسين 10 महीने पहले
قولو 👐الحمد لله
منوعات على كيفك
منوعات على كيفك 10 महीने पहले
Francisco Lahitte
Francisco Lahitte 10 महीने पहले
0:o7 sec new golem lvl?
STWFR XD 10 महीने पहले
Oh my God
Md. Ali Akkas
Md. Ali Akkas 10 महीने पहले
New updated Bangladesh flag should be given in the class of clan
Dang ThiNhong
Dang ThiNhong 10 महीने पहले
Me only TH8 D:
Reid Epperson
Reid Epperson 10 महीने पहले
Jesus this looks op
Ice Bane
Ice Bane 10 महीने पहले
These new defense levels look cool, my walls aren’t maxed but I’m almost everything else is so I’m definitely upgrading immediately
samoug 10 महीने पहले
If the scattershot can shoot air, then why can't the bomb tower from Clash Royale?
Tofael Ahhmed
Tofael Ahhmed 10 महीने पहले
It is bad defans.. Coc test die it defans..
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