World Championship - July Qualifier - Day 2 - Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans

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The heat is on and our second round of Qualifiers is underway. Will it be the ever-powerful Dark Looters, the strategic strength of blaze JP, the intensity or NOVA毛豆, or the might of PROC that will take them to the semi-finals on Sunday?
Just to make sure you don't miss a single Clashy second, here's the schedule for the June Qualifier:
Saturday (July 27th):
blaze JP
Dark Looters
The match ups for Day 2's eliminations are as follows:
PROC vs blaze JP
NOVA毛豆 vs Dark Looters*
blaze jpJPs Dark Looters*
PROC vs Dark Looters
blaze JP vs NOVA毛豆
*offline match
Sunday (July 28th):
Qualifier Finals
For tickets to attend the World Finals at ESL One:
Hosted by Rene from ESL, join our casters, CarbonFin and Woody, and Technical Analyst iTzu, be prepared for some of the most exciting Clash of Clans competition you've ever seen!
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Dan Theman
Dan Theman 5 महीने पहले
Wtf is this
Wolf Rutp
Wolf Rutp 6 महीने पहले
А чо русских тут нет?
Hassan Nio
Hassan Nio 6 महीने पहले
والله لعبة جميلة كولش منافسات صير حماس بعد احلى واحلى يقوة لعب اكثر
Godsman 144,000
Godsman 144,000 9 महीने पहले
Pretty funny stuff....@18:15 the commentator said Tom, from PROC, was going to buy his knife a wife if he won, hahahaha
Romain Degasperi
Romain Degasperi साल पहले
Team MCES 🤩
حكايه 7ekaya2
حكايه 7ekaya2 साल पहले
😍 🎀 👕 👖
Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter साल पहले
WTH there’s COC pro league?!?
Sammy Ayoub
Sammy Ayoub साल पहले
Once I got a 98% with one star
Sammy Ayoub
Sammy Ayoub साल पहले
Once I got a 98% with one star
Sammy Ayoub
Sammy Ayoub साल पहले
Once I got a 98% with one star
Sarim Yasir
Sarim Yasir महीने पहले
I got 89 with 1 star
Ly Ly
Ly Ly साल पहले
VN tôi được đi thi đấu cài này
احمد الغريب
احمد الغريب साल पहले
يرجا عودة البثوث المباشره مع الترجمه 😌
Xgodofllama X
Xgodofllama X साल पहले
sV!per GD
sV!per GD साल पहले
Tom said his clan would get three stars. Nova hits a three star on tom’s base lol
Courtney Bayer
Courtney Bayer साल पहले
love it
律清欢 साल पहले
Do you think Chinese people can understand English?Since do not understand why not add translation!
Steve Duscov
Steve Duscov साल पहले
Birthday 7th music ? Yeees Come and listen . I just uploaded it
Sandra Weddle
Sandra Weddle साल पहले
I need to talk to about the match about wars. Who do I talk to? Matching a 3 to a 11 is so unfair and discourages people from participating.
Justin Akard
Justin Akard साल पहले
So agro dude.
saeed osman
saeed osman साल पहले
If can soldier join
Solo Shikei
Solo Shikei साल पहले
Coc went professional?
Dehvan साल पहले
Clash of clans, carbonfin is a great player, a great youtuber but you guys really need to find someone else other than him to do the commentary over the tournaments I'm 17 minutes in and I just cant watch it anymore
عبد الرحمن السلطان
عبد الرحمن السلطان साल पहले
مابيعرفو يلعبو
Paul SPunkt
Paul SPunkt साल पहले
Sad that just one game of the dark looters is on screen :/
严裕茹 साल पहले
Nazrul Islam
Nazrul Islam साल पहले
Lean Abcd
Lean Abcd साल पहले
My favorite is witch
Cohen Cohen
Cohen Cohen साल पहले
Join my clan lukewarm hammer
Mohammad Rahimi
Mohammad Rahimi साल पहले
TidePride360 साल पहले
Why is this a thing
انور مبارك anoar_mopark
انور مبارك anoar_mopark साल पहले
Nhathieu2271985 Nguyen
Nhathieu2271985 Nguyen साल पहले
Chưa gặp Việt Nam thôi
PP साल पहले
You can literally see their hands shaking which just shows how tense they are!
Jamie Gleeson
Jamie Gleeson साल पहले
Join my clan called FrOgs love beer lvl 2 clan trynna grow need someone to donate me e drags
BeastBoy0210 साल पहले
I have hacked version of the game lol
Siddhartha Dutta
Siddhartha Dutta साल पहले
I want to play tournament by th8....any clan is here...helpe out plz
Bob Hudd
Bob Hudd साल पहले
This is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen
SVBXR WVLFF साल पहले
2:00:00 Jojo Smashed it⭐⭐⭐
Ian Eugene Chapman
Ian Eugene Chapman साल पहले
Clash of the whales
Mitch Cook
Mitch Cook साल पहले
Don't get me wrong carbonfin and woody are cool but it's not the same without Klaus and galadon
BOT丨 Looter
BOT丨 Looter साल पहले
I want you to sell builder's Hut 1 more
متصفح مخفي
متصفح مخفي साल पहले
pt4m साल पहले
All good but this right here 02:57:12 is the anticommentator in the history of commentators.
King آکنده
King آکنده साल पहले
خخخخخخخخخخ خیلی با حال بود
King آکنده
King آکنده साल पहले
خیلی خوب بود
ေခးရဲ႕ ခ်စ္ကိုရီး
ေခးရဲ႕ ခ်စ္ကိုရီး साल पहले
وليد سلمان
وليد سلمان साल पहले
فيه عرب
Music Studio
Music Studio साल पहले
Cant wait for new skin
Jitendra Patel
Jitendra Patel साल पहले
Dark looters are Awesome
Jitendra Patel
Jitendra Patel साल पहले
Some player play like noob...they trying for 2 .. why not target for 3 star ?
Dexterchase Gaming
Dexterchase Gaming साल पहले
عبوسي ابن البصره
عبوسي ابن البصره साल पहले
تعالو بكلاني اسمه تعالو اصدقائي
Wilfredo Portillo
Wilfredo Portillo साल पहले
I wish that my clan could have people but I’m alone my clan :War Kings 1# suck because no one joins I think that is because I’m called goddesses 291 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Glance Kaden
Glance Kaden साल पहले
If goblin brought goblins in his attack his clan would of kicked him
آل جـنـرال
آل جـنـرال साल पहले
خاب ماتنجبون 3 ساعات
ANH ĐÊM साल पहले
Hope supercell can add more national flags and the symbol of Vietnam thanks
#1Prince James
#1Prince James साल पहले
In clash of clans which Caricature is ur favorite which one would u want to be? This goes for everyone
zeihplaysHQ साल पहले
I need new members for my clan any level 💯🔥
Nurtilek. Sultanov
Nurtilek. Sultanov साल पहले
Есть русские?
Nature Is The Universe
Nature Is The Universe साल पहले
Lee chong wei wow!!!
Sar Sam
Sar Sam साल पहले
Vale waaaaaaa
Sar Sam
Sar Sam साल पहले
Tribe gaming will win the tournament or dark looters .
Chris Green
Chris Green 10 महीने पहले
Sar Sam Nova won worlds
Vive la France !
Vive la France ! साल पहले
MCES won 😉
Sar Sam
Sar Sam साल पहले
Bumm is full with skills .... really good
Guilty Clown
Guilty Clown साल पहले
Yeh kyaa hai 😂😂
ساره ساره
ساره ساره साल पहले
King آکنده
King آکنده साल पहले
Nasim Roman
Nasim Roman साल पहले
Why don't anyone use valkary in war??🙄🙄
Nasim Roman
Nasim Roman साल पहले
@ساره ساره????
ساره ساره
ساره ساره साल पहले
Nasim Roman
Nasim Roman साल पहले
Speak in english😑
ساره ساره
ساره ساره साल पहले
هاذ الحجي الي 💋
فادي دراز
فادي دراز साल पहले
Just give me 1000 lyc
فادي دراز
فادي دراز साल पहले
And God, the heroes of Taddo reach me
فادي دراز
فادي دراز साल पहले
I would like to add a vector resource and hope you understand my intention
فادي دراز
فادي دراز साल पहले
But we really wish for better additions
فادي دراز
فادي دراز साल पहले
Videos of Kalash of excellent
Vincenzo gamer
Vincenzo gamer साल पहले
Yathartha Rastogi
Yathartha Rastogi साल पहले
Clashing adda the best
Nabhoneel Roy
Nabhoneel Roy साल पहले
Is this game still alive?
The Golden Reddish Apple
The Golden Reddish Apple साल पहले
who watches this if you dont play coc (edit):btw i play coc my town hall level is 10
zeihplaysHQ साल पहले
Join my new clan please
lane sun
lane sun साल पहले
chub93 साल पहले
Wowww yal really some nerds
Ag Oh
Ag Oh साल पहले
It's all about pay to win game
james mccrorey
james mccrorey साल पहले
What happened to Blaze JP's skills ? They looked very mediocre this round
Argie Yanes
Argie Yanes साल पहले
Yeah it's like they haven't played coc for a month.
روان Zaza
روان Zaza साल पहले
بنسبي لي هاذهي لعبي تنهت ببجي افضل منها بكثيررر
Mizz Soulfly
Mizz Soulfly साल पहले
Incredible took 1 star with genius brain Haha
fly साल पहले
no girls so far.. 🙇🏻‍♀️
Chris Green
Chris Green 10 महीने पहले
flyingvigil that’s strange, most of the people I play with are girls
Ujjwal Bhatt
Ujjwal Bhatt साल पहले
I want to see dark looters vs tribe gaming in finals😂
YUM4D 8R0 साल पहले
That would be a close one
josh ting
josh ting साल पहले
That is gonna be epic
Jojo Cambongga
Jojo Cambongga साल पहले
Wow pasekaten oli para daves
Jojo Cambongga
Jojo Cambongga साल पहले
Ok na to new apd8
Пауло ,
Пауло , साल पहले
Hj o nível tava + ou -
Jojo Cambongga
Jojo Cambongga साल पहले
Pasekaten niyo oli ser daves kc eto
OYUN BİLGİ साल पहले
متصفح مخفي
متصفح مخفي साल पहले
NiggaShvili साल पहले
Why level 1 Goblin has more strength then level 1 barbarian?
NiggaShvili साल पहले
@Tiago Jaime oh ok
Tiago Jaime
Tiago Jaime साल पहले
Has less life
محسن المحبوب للحالات و الشعر
محسن المحبوب للحالات و الشعر साल पहले
اكو عرب مرحبا
Igor Nobre
Igor Nobre साल पहले
Rip dark looters
Loner wcq
Loner wcq साल पहले
Memo Naruto
Memo Naruto साल पहले
ليش مافي كلانات عربية
Quality Content
Quality Content साल पहले
1:59:18 Incredible three-star
M.D साल पहले
Quality Content Germany 👍
Mr Cheema
Mr Cheema साल पहले
You see there are 3 asian out of 4
Ujjwal Bhatt
Ujjwal Bhatt साल पहले
@Leonard lol
Leonard साल पहले
And the germans win
Peter czapla
Peter czapla साल पहले
Goblin beautiful attack with witches
Crimson spokes
Crimson spokes साल पहले
Clash of clans yeah
Sicrita साल पहले
Mobile gamers
Ali Recep
Ali Recep साल पहले
Türkler Burdamı??
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha साल पहले
These commentators miss too many things in the attack. Lol
iiElectro YT
iiElectro YT साल पहले
give kakashi his sharingan back lol
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