World Championship - June Qualifier - Day 2 - Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans

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This season is a scorcher, and we're not just talking about the weather! It's Day 2 of the June ESL Qualifiers and after yesterday's domination by 2 Japanese Clans, it's time to crank up the heat as we find out who will be competing in Sunday's Qualifier Finals and will battle yesterday's winner for a chance at winning the $1,000,000 prize pool at the #ClashWorlds Finals!
The Clans competing today are bringing some serious firepower. So let's cheer on the following teams:
Polish Power
Sunday (June 30th):
Qualifier Finals
Hosted by Rene from ESL, join our casters, CarbonFin and Woody, and Technical Analysts, iTzu and Judo Sloth, be prepared for some of the most exciting Clash of Clans competition you've ever seen!
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Ryker Smith
Ryker Smith 6 महीने पहले
Hey announcer I never new you weard makeup not trying to make fun of you
Tejas Deshpande
Tejas Deshpande 9 महीने पहले
Atleast zoom in man
Tran Phuong
Tran Phuong 10 महीने पहले
🇻🇳 vs 🇮🇩love
ebrahim jamali
ebrahim jamali साल पहले
What's the starting musics please?
Deepesh Kishore
Deepesh Kishore साल पहले
Marinul was fool
padova ciry
padova ciry साल पहले
Forza Italia 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
M kundu
M kundu साल पहले
Ethan Lamothe
Ethan Lamothe साल पहले
I thought he used the wardens ability before the th
Numbèrs Vang
Numbèrs Vang साल पहले
He did but i guess they didnt see him using it
ahmad yanex
ahmad yanex साल पहले
Pliiss... sub indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩
Eclipse साल पहले
2 stars don’t win wars high percentage 2 stars win wars we see it in the 1st and 2ed war
Cleberson felipe Queiroz
Cleberson felipe Queiroz साल पहले
oi eu jogo clash of clans
علي البصراوي3
علي البصراوي3 साल पहले
سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته شباب الى شركة سوبر سيل اريد اسءلكم سوال اشلون احصل على اكلان في عضوين ان و القائد والقاءد القريه مالته مهجوره اشلون اخذ لكلان ارجو الرد السريع وشكرا لكم جزيل الشكر مع تحياتي شركة سوبر سيل
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan साल पहले
Good morning
BarTanks साल पहले
Polish Power Flaga 🇵🇱💪
Hplayz साल पहले
Shitty mobile pay to win trash (even EA is better)
Kylee Stevens
Kylee Stevens साल पहले
Tâm Tô
Tâm Tô साल पहले
Sao game lại không cho Việt Nam chơi nữa nhỉ
Xil साल पहले
Good game!
Xil साल पहले
Good game!
Nanak Singh Gamer
Nanak Singh Gamer साल पहले
Wow clash......🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🍭🍭🍭🍧🍧🍨🍦🍦🍰🍰
Lợi Đại
Lợi Đại साल पहले
Việt Nam numberone!
Bas van der Graaff
Bas van der Graaff साल पहले
No mention at all about the missing 4th team? What happened?
Getsuga Tenshou
Getsuga Tenshou साल पहले
It was a Vietnamese team and they were unable to arrive to Poland.
rtxd kavy
rtxd kavy साल पहले
Lol all air attacks
Games Lover
Games Lover साल पहले
Hahah for makeup
IT GaMinG साल पहले
Why do the wear headphones 😂😂
Beshoy Samy
Beshoy Samy साल पहले
Join. My clan [ el da2 ] wars every day
Mastered 3rd Eye Activation
Mastered 3rd Eye Activation साल पहले
Momo Momo
Momo Momo साल पहले
اوووووو بايخ كلاش رويال احسن أنتو ماسونيون اسكتو
jun santiago
jun santiago साल पहले
Is it a coincidence that at WW2 germanny and japan did massive damage and italy did almost nothing at all and in this chapionship the same things happen, War strategeist?
YourMother साल पहले
Who is the older man with GOVA on his chest and where does he show up?
حسين العبودي
حسين العبودي साल पहले
قريتي نباكت
Sar Sam
Sar Sam साल पहले
zudo sloth lol ..really he dont even know how to 2 star a base and here he is explaining lol damn coc this cwl sucks must bring back galadon and itzu
John Laffoon
John Laffoon साल पहले
Carbon fin needs to lighten up a little and joke back with Woody.
Andrew Abdel
Andrew Abdel साल पहले
how did these goons not catch the grand warden's ability woody i thought you were better than that
kl chin
kl chin साल पहले
Golem nobody use nowadays lol
unique printer
unique printer साल पहले
Sir please 🙏 give away Pakistan flags
Sar Sam
Sar Sam साल पहले
i am missing galadon ... he was the best.. this guys are boring and seem like they are pro commentators but not pro players
Infi Nut
Infi Nut साल पहले
I hope you will reduce upgrading cost for walls It is too much for higher townhall level
Abdullatif Alhor
Abdullatif Alhor साल पहले
Dude im done how is there professional clash of clans people are dumb
زهره الياسمين
زهره الياسمين साल पहले
ما لي فهمانة شي
Heretic Jay
Heretic Jay साल पहले
Nos Bellum Sumus is We are not war🤣
Poke Muster
Poke Muster साल पहले
Love it when the people calling the play "warden didn't get his eternal tome off..." But really he got it off like 5 seconds ago. Are they even watching the raid or just listening to themselves talk?
sigit prasetyo
sigit prasetyo साल पहले
Ga ada bocah aki2 malah yg maen..🤣🤣
Văn Thành Nguyễn
Văn Thành Nguyễn साल पहले
Mandeep shrestha
Mandeep shrestha साल पहले
Unskilled player
Zaro GM
Zaro GM साल पहले
I dont go the notification
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai साल पहले
We want town hall 13 please and one thing more take an option that there are co leaders and one leader in clan After leader there is no who is second take head of co leader please
Tom 75
Tom 75 साल पहले
@ Salazar... @ 1:03:05. what are you doing? i am Italian but i have to say that you are BLIND. are you ATTACKING an anti DRAGON/E.DRAG base whit DRAGONS? are you crazy?
Pogirneata Timotei
Pogirneata Timotei साल पहले
When is the new update of Clash of Clans?
duzythekubs साल पहले
I powiadaja: "polacy to kozacy"
duzythekubs साल पहले
Unlucky for polish power
JoshuaBuildster साल पहले
Wow no ads
Hamdan_ 54
Hamdan_ 54 साल पहले
Where is valkyrie queen skin?
Krzycho 777
Krzycho 777 साल पहले
Superpaul साल पहले
Thank God they got rid of the last analyst and picked up Judo Sloth. The last guy literally just told us no information whereas Judo Sloth was actually analyzing the method behind the strategy.
مخاوي الليل
مخاوي الليل साल पहले
Тот Самый
Тот Самый साल पहले
Please make subtitles a Russian
Ghar ki Rasoi
Ghar ki Rasoi साल पहले
Very bad
only gaming
only gaming साल पहले
i love clash of clan
Shaaban Bily
Shaaban Bily साल पहले
سڵاوبە ڕێز س کڵاشوکڵانس بۆمن دانابە زێ
unicornhair साल पहले
Carbonfin can't do this. He's not communicating with woody. He's just blurting out whatever he sees, no opinions, no humour.
duzythekubs साल पहले
Siopc साल पहले
1:35:00, just my timestamp
the kopites
the kopites साल पहले
Videonya nyangkut2, mengurangi kenyamanan dalam menonton.
Mehadi Hasan
Mehadi Hasan साल पहले
nice clash of clan
ALL Well
ALL Well साल पहले
Hate watching on INposts I be tryna zoom in 😂🤣😔
Али Гасанов
Али Гасанов साल पहले
🇵🇱❌🖓 🇷🇺👍✅❤😊 Кто 🇷🇺РОССИЯ🇷🇺 ставь лайк
It'sJonixxx साल पहले
Miss the stream 😭
Mrinmoy Chowdhury
Mrinmoy Chowdhury साल पहले
make the practice mode did not give the troop less leveled than that player,s that troop,s level
HeroTect Gaming
HeroTect Gaming साल पहले
Man woody looks badass
Lalit Jangid
Lalit Jangid साल पहले
I want indian language in clash of clans
sabisashe fiala
sabisashe fiala साल पहले
Du lịch .Thư giãn . Học tập . Giải trí
Du lịch .Thư giãn . Học tập . Giải trí साल पहले
Tiếc lắm phải đến xem trực tiếp mới thích
G Tech
G Tech साल पहले
No they shouldve done wizard queen not valk queen
Bloom साल पहले
James Purcell
James Purcell साल पहले
These clash of clans World Championship Tournaments makes me cringe lol😁they try and make it so professional IT'S SO WERID. Oh well i guess some people like this kind of stuff
Kauê são Pedro
Kauê são Pedro साल पहले
Salve clash of clans!
Peter czapla
Peter czapla साल पहले
Judo is a master commentator
Skaiter Pl
Skaiter Pl साल पहले
Polska górą
Kaz साल पहले
8:43 *Who Doesn't Love COC....?*
Eclipse साल पहले
FlakeDumper 445 all the haters
Shanks 707
Shanks 707 साल पहले
يا عرب هههههه
Danyel Passos
Danyel Passos साल पहले
2:04:00 marinaul mitouuuuuu e brasiiiil
amjad4378 साल पहले
كلاش اوف كلانس اسف شيلو الباند او الحضر اسمي امجد القبيله PRO 14
Totoro साल पहले
Who else loves coc | V
DrAkO साल पहले
Ya paso de moda crash of clans...ahora esta el fornite jajaja
ملكه نفاس
ملكه نفاس साल पहले
سوو تغير سم الكلان ميصير
Антон Лакаевский
Антон Лакаевский साल पहले
У нас в клане лучше атачат чем сдесь..))
БУРЯ साल पहले
История ТИК
David Raya
David Raya साल पहले
All I see is air attacks @clashofclams fix your game 😂😂
Gitesh Heda
Gitesh Heda साल पहले
Check itzu if u think that's so
Yung Cheesehead
Yung Cheesehead साल पहले
In the first attack the warden ability was definitely used the announcers are blind
arjumand shaja
arjumand shaja साल पहले
They only had one job
TheLostNorth साल पहले
Iron Man Gaming i was looking for this comment
Lynette Nanninga
Lynette Nanninga साल पहले
Koko Jumbo I do przodu
Koko Jumbo I do przodu साल पहले
39:36 *Polacy! Kto od Veniego! Tutaj Veni bije!*
Crawford Anderson
Crawford Anderson साल पहले
join my clan the cool.
The professional Camper
The professional Camper साल पहले
HOW is THIS an esport?
Siopc साल पहले
It's a popular strategy game, with a high skill gap.
Random Dude
Random Dude साल पहले
Buff Poco
Ruairí Sloan
Ruairí Sloan साल पहले
Help I’m town hall 6
عبود - XRE
عبود - XRE साल पहले
اكو عرب بكلاش
Alessandro Nanu
Alessandro Nanu साल पहले
Forza Italia. Supporto dal clan Perla Nera. Liv14
Alessandro Nanu
Alessandro Nanu साल पहले
@Flavio COC si puó sempre migliorare. Prossima volta andare meglio
Fjaviuz '
Fjaviuz ' साल पहले
Non siamo per nulla al livello degli altri clan partecipanti. Nessun Triss e nemmeno ci avviciniamo all'80%.
Results Team
Results Team साल पहले
Brending Gamification
KALOO De free
KALOO De free साल पहले
The skins is cool
Szymon br
Szymon br साल पहले
Polish power❤❤❤❤ gg
efe साल पहले
Archer queen red ?
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